Praire View Loop (Exploratory)

Thursday, February 23, 2017
Leader: Jane Hackett
SShoe: 5.7 miles, 450 ft (Moderate)

This trip turned out to be exploratory in all aspects. Mike Smith had his GPS which was very helpful. We were breaking trail through a few inches of new snow at the beginning and about two and a half feet later on. On average it was about a foot. We followed the blue diamond with the black arrow and the ski tracks at the first road turning right out of the sno park road 651. This road dead ends, so we back track as the skier did and followed his tracks into the trees. We come out in a meadow and find more blue diamonds, this is not indicated on the map. We follow these and get to a connecting road we needed to find and it has blue diamonds leading off to the right. We follow these to a point where the GPS is indicating we should be turning left going through the trees and connecting to a road that will lead us back to the sno park. No blue arrows but we enter the trees for a short distance looking for arrows which have been spotty. Not finding any on the way back to the road we do find one arrow and go back into the trees we find another one. We continue on, we cross a creek and find a pole laying in the snow with a blue diamond. That was the last one we found after searching in a few direction and being thigh deep in snow. We retraced are steps back to the road went back to the connecting road where we had a brief lunch. We followed this road which lead us to the road that took use back to the sno park in about 3 miles. Perfect weather for wondering in the snow. No views found. Stop in at forest service office to give feed back.

Members: Hackett, Jane, Cordon, Steve, Lodeesen, David, Smith, Mike, Whitfield, Nancy.

Nancy on the trail.—photo by David Lodeesen
click here for more photos from this trip

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