Basic Climb School

Monday, April 10, 2017
Leader: Maryanne Reiter

Climb School 2017 was a fantastic success! The students had a great experience and good weather for the rock day and on the snow day they got to experience real mountain weather.

Members: Maryanne Reiter, Steve Cordon. Nonmembers: Linda Corona, Joshua Arreola, Adam Steffen, Adam Jansons, Don Cowin, Patrick Mucker, Erin Napier, Kate Hartley, Joe Moll, Blaine Hlebechuk, Cheri Young, Dylan Darling, Megan Storlien, Daniel Manning, Lauren Hendricks, Kurtis Erving, Andrew Mucker, Alexandria Fillo, Varinia Acosta, Gloria Platz, Todd Monrean, Mike Platz, Jesse Scott, Jennifer Johnson, Robert Oslon, Eric Gran.

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