Trail Maintenance

Saturday, April 29, 2017
Leader: Matthew Bell
Trl Mnt: 1 miles, 200 ft (Moderate)

We met up on a sunny Saturday morning, our first since who knows, at the Willamette and 52nd trailhead for this month's outing. Our group broke into 2 groups to work independently to improve the trail system. One group of Clara went up to the main trailhead to clean the kiosk, stairs, and cut back blackberries. Our second group headed east on the Ridgeline into Blanton Heights. We weeded the edged of the raise turnpike, pruned back plants, raked debris off the trail, re-established some outsloping, and cleaned drainage features. We even removed rounds of oak that had been carelessly left blocking the out flow of a culvert. Dan expertly excavated a hole in the trail so that we could put back the large stone that covers the top of the culvert.

On our way back we stopped near the rocky knoll to enjoy lemonade and cookies. We were able to discuss and critique the wigwam or debris shelter that has been constructed on the knoll.

Members: Matthew Bell, Kathy Randall, Clara Emlen, Janet Jacobsen, Tom Rundle, Richard Hughes, Pat Soussan, Dan Gilmore. Nonmembers: Jane Beckwith.

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