Shelter Cove XC Ski and Snowshoe

Tuesday–Thursday, February 28–March 2, 2017
Leader: Chris Shuraleff
Ext Trp: (Easy)

Nine inches of fresh powder the night before, on an incredible base, blue skies and lots of sunshine awaited 15 Obsidians for three glorious days at Shelter Cove on the West side of Odell Lake. Only presenting problem with all that fresh snow and trails to ourselves is someone has to break trail. But we are Obsidians right? Taking turns in front positions Lower Rosary Lake, Fawn Lake and Midnight Lake awaited skiers and snowshoes. Some of the trails at Shelter Cove were cleared, but half way

thru the snowmobile became disabled. Oh well, that first day even the road in was a good ski. Accommodations on the 2nd floor of the lodge gave everyone a picture perfect view of the lake. Otters and bald eagles were spotted on the ice and colorful sunsets ended perfect days. Plenty of room for all in clean, well equipped units. Definitely a repeat stay for future outings. Thanks to all who came for your enthusiasm and help in making this members first extended trip leading go so smoothly. Special thanks to Lana Lindstrom, chair of extended trips, for all her help in my learning curve. I encourage other members to give an extended trip a try, as the friendships formed during longer stays are priceless. And do try leading, as lots of help is available and is a great opportunity to give back to a club who gives so much to each and everyone of us!! Thank you.

Members: Chris Shuraleff, Jane Hackett, Evelyn Nagy, Sue Wolling, Nancy Whitfield, David Lodeesen, Lynn Meacham, Patricia Esch, Chris Stockdale, Mike Smith, Charlie Van Deusen, Consuelo Gomez, Sandra Larsen, Darian Morray, Karen Morray.

Sunrise over Odell Lake—photo by Chris Stockdale
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