Sand Mountain Lookout

Sunday, February 19, 2017
Leader: Sam Miller
Xski: 10 miles, 1600 ft (Difficult)

As a participant in many Obsidian ski trips the past 40+ years, I’ve learned that you never know for certain how an outing will turn out until after it’s been completed. You often plan a trip months in advance and hope for the best. Will the weather be fine or miserable? Will the snow be soft or icy? Will there even be snow? Will the participants be amiable and experienced? To some extent these variables can be managed, but you can never be 100 percent certain what will transpire. This year’s ski to the Sand Mountain fire lookout exceeded my expectations. Despite rainy weather several days prior to the trip, we encountered good snow conditions thanks to an overnight snowfall. Every member of our group was an experienced skier. When conditions near the summit became icy and cold, the group maintained a positive attitude. After all, we were outdoors doing an activity we all enjoyed. We ate lunch below the summit as conditions gradually improved. From that point, skiers split into two groups and descended via our road up-track or over the flanks of Sand Mountain. Telemark turns were the order of the day. We completed our counterclockwise loop through the forest and on a snowmobile trail to return to our vehicles. This excellent outing was made possible by fortuitous conditions and an outstanding group of participants.

Members: Miller, Sam, Koester, Steven, Hartman, John, Hamilton, Brian, Sinnott, Randy, Thompson, Harold, Strutin, David.

Steve Koester on Sand Mountain—photo by Sam Miller
click here for more photos from this trip

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