Pi Day

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Hike: 6.28 miles (Easy)

The Pi digits that inspired us were 3.14159. Paul Flashenberg planned the route to led us on a 3.14 mile hike from the Senior Campbell Center to Sweet LIfe to eat pie at 1:59PM. On the way back, five of us took an alternative route up to the top of Skinner Butte and the rest returned on the river path.

Members: Janet Jacobsen, Evelyn Nagy, Carla Cooper, David Cooper, May Fogg, Nancy Whitfield, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Tommy Young, Lana Lindstrom, Dick Hildreth. Nonmembers: Paul Flashenberg.

Someone add their sentiments to the sign—photo by Carla Cooper
click here for more photos from this trip

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