Obsidian Limited Entry Area II

Friday–Sunday, August 30–September 1, 2013
Leader: Todd Larsen
Trl Mnt: 12 miles, 1500 ft (Moderate)

I met up with three other volunteers along with two forest service rangers for a quick pre-trip safety meeting at the ranger station early Friday morning. We then started our hike up to sunshine meadow and got over the lava before it was too hot. We encountered quite a few PCT thru-hikers as we worked on building check dams in the sunshine meadow user trail on Friday. As the day wore on, we also saw quite a few groups backpacking into the obsidian area for the holiday weekend.

On Saturday we were joined by a couple more volunteers and another forest service ranger. We were able to make good headway on the trail with this many people! We were also taught how to make water bars since some areas of the trail were going to encounter a lot of water. Sunday consisted of a quick hike up to arrowhead lake before heading back to the trailhead.

Members: Todd Larsen.

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