Lookout Creek, H J Andrews Forest

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Leader: Tom Giesen
Hike: 7.6 miles, 1850 ft (Moderate)

We had excellent weather - sunny, cool at first, then comfortable. I measured climbing with my wrist altimeter at 1850' versus the 1200' I projected. As I explained to the hikers "I was ONLY 54% off!" This was an experimental silent hike - we were to talk only at breaks and lunch. We practiced silence in that manner for half the hike - but there was some furtive whispering going on. The hikers said they liked the silence, but agreed that whispering was OK. It seems it was a different experience with silence - it was easier to focus on the experience of being in the forest. I liked it much better - I often get annoyed by loud conversations that have nothing to do with the hike environment. I will schedule another "silent" hike in the next few months. The old-growth forest is really magnificent - to be in it for 3.8 miles (one way) was wonderful. At a break, we sat munching snacks and someone (Lisa, I think, or Nancy) noticed a shiny metal object down in the roots of a hemlock. I fished it out and found it was a square soft metal tag of a kind often used in the woods, nailed to trees. This one said (scratched into the metal) "End of trail layout. June 8th, 1977. Franklin and Lewis. 3400'" I think that was a tag placed by the eminent forest ecologist Dr. Jerry Franklin, who was, at the time, at OSU, and working in the HJ Andrews forest on OG research. I took the tag home and mailed it to Jerry, who is a friend, with an explanation re: finding it.

Members: Giesen, Tom, Matthews, Nancy, Grissell, Lisa, Krentz, Holger. Nonmembers: Flynn, Shinju.

Trailhead sign—photo by Holger Krentz
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