Obsidian Limited Access Area

Friday–Sunday, August 2–4, 2013
Leader: Todd Larsen
Trl Mnt: 12 miles, 1500 ft (Moderate)

We met up with a couple of other forest service volunteers at the ranger station bright and early Friday morning. The previous days thunderstorms had pulled our wilderness ranger onto fire duty, but we were left with the instructions and tools for our project. We hiked into our first meadow project early on Friday and began building check dams over an old trail that cuts through the meadow. After creating over 35 of them, we began a late afternoon hike up to Obsidian Falls for our base camp. Luckily we arrived after the storm clouds had passed on. On Saturday, we finished up the previous day's meadow with an additional 5 dams before moving on to the next area. At our second project location, we installed almost 100 check dams, we really got the system down! Sunday was spent hiking out, and performing some light maintenance in sunshine meadow as well as obliterating several fire rings.

Members: Larsen, Todd, Grant, Betty.

Picture of the water bars we installed every few feet in the meadow. Obsidian Betty Grant and other wilderness volunteers in the top center—photo by Todd Larsen
click here for more photos from this trip

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