Tour of the Solar System

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Leader: Margaret Essenberg
Bike: 11 miles, 100 ft (Easy)

Since the National Weather Service's radar images indicated that the rain, to which the voyagers awoke, would finish passing over Eugene by mid-morning, we gathered with rain gear at the Sun in Alton Baker Park. We toured the inner planets, stopping at each to contemplate its size, atmosphere, temperature, and distance from the still-visible Sun. Then we crossed the Willamette River via the DeFazio Bridge and journeyed to the gas giants, stopping at each to consider its size, moons, rings, and increasingly remarkable distance from the Sun. At Pluto, Richard explained why it has been re-classified as a dwarf planet and showed us pictures of several of its recently discovered peer dwarf planets. We crossed the Owasso Bridge, stopped for soup and coffee during a brief downpour, then returned via the left bank of the river to the Sun.

Members: Essenberg, Margaret, Essenberg, Richard, Martz, Helen, Soussan, Pat, Revere, Barb. Nonmembers: Lu, Lei.

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