Basic Mountaineering - Snow Field Session

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Leader: Sue Sullivan

Well the weather may not have been so great for the rock field session, but it was near perfect for the snow and glacier travel day that we held at Hayrick Butte on April 20. It started with a few snow flurries and some wind, but the wind stopped and there were breaks in the clouds giving hints of views toward Hoodoo and 3-Fingered Jack. Snow conditions were great for practicing setting anchors, practicing belays and perfecting self-arrest skills. We finished the day by traversing the "Hoodoo Glacier" and getting some experience with roped travel skills. All in all a very fun and productive day.

Members: Sue Sullivan, Maryanne Reiter, Sue Zeni, Juli McGlinsky, Brian Hamilton, Dave Beardsley, Wayne Deeter, Rick Harris, Shellie Robertson, Ken DenOuden, Carl Hassman. Nonmembers: Danneille Harris, Rob Boese, Pamela Edmisson, Daniel Hartnell, Chris Melton, Ted Glick, Marge Huseman.

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