Mt. Washington, Graduation Climb

Friday–Saturday, July 5–6, 2013
Leader: Wayne Deeter
Climb: 10.5 miles, 3000 ft

Less than a week before, the west slopes had substantial snowfields on them, promising great glissades. Woops! They were almost gone by the day of our climb. While there were some mosquitoes, they weren't as bad as expected. At least there's some advantage to a low-snow year. Used the purple 8.5mm rope on the first pitch. It was chopped to 44m last year to remove a damaged section and now just barely reaches from the saddle to the rap block. We were all on the summit around noon and hung out there for about an hour. Liz shared her usual copious amount of pizza all around. This was a first Mt. Washington summit for Rick, Ted, Chris and Liz--congratulations! We used the 60m rope to rap all the way from the block back to the saddle. Many thanks to Rick for his excellent assistance on the climb.

Members: Deeter, Wayne, Harris, Rick, Glick, Ted, Weldon, Elise. Nonmembers: Melton, Chris, Hurkes, Liz.

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