Diamond Peak, Graduation Climb

Saturday, May 11, 2013
Leader: Danneille Harris
Climb: 8 miles, 3750 ft

9 climbers gathered at the Thurston Albertson's for the 1st of this years of Climb School graduation climbs. Most were graduates doing their first mountaineering summit. Good weather was forecast and all were excited to put their new climbing skills to the test. We piled into two vehicles and headed up Hwy. 58 to the trailhead. We greeted fellow Obsidian Brian Hamilton and his dogs there for a solo ascent. The trail was free of snow until just before the plateau and remained sparse until well up the ridge. Once off the trail the lack of snow occasionally slowed us down as we climbed over logs & pushed through the low brush.

Further up the ridge we made better time kicking in steps and occasionally crossing bare rocky patches. At the South summit one climber opted to sit and rest in a well protected cubby with a snow bank on on side and large rock on the other. Most folks left their snowshoes here and we had not used them. On the ridge between the South & main summit we passed Brian headed back down.

It was fun watching the smiles on everyone's faces as they took in the great views on their first summit. The team took time to eat, and take lots of pictures before we going back down. A few choose to glissade occasionally and we passed several other climbers headed up. Once below tree line we paused occasionally to check the compass and were soon back on the trail. We made quick time back to the cars arriving about 8 hours after we had began. On the way home we stopped at the Dairy Queen in Oakridge for some well deserved treats.

It was a good time with a fun group of enthusiastic climbers. Thanks to Charlie and Rick for driving. Thanks to Rick for assisting and being trail "sweep". Leader: Danni Harris

Members: Danneille Harris, Rick Harris, Charles Couture, John Cooper. Nonmembers: Daniel Hartnell, Bruce Tufts, Amanda MacLeod, Walter Hurst, Iley McCready.

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