So. Matthieu Lake

Friday–Sunday, August 9–11, 2013
Leader: Becky Lipton
Bk Pk: 3 miles, 800 ft (Easy)

Five eager backpackers took to the trail in spite of forecasts for possible afternoon showers for the weekend. After having gone through the hottest and driest summer in decades, it was difficult to imagine that we would encounter much moisture. They say that the high peaks create their own weather patterns and indeed, the clouds did gather around the Three Sisters and did provide an impressive booming and echoing of thunder with a shower on Friday afternoon as we arrived at South Matthieu Lake. We took refuge on the dry side of some trees and made friends with numerous other hikers and backpackers, who were doing the same. On Saturday, the group hiked to Opie Dildock pass and to the overlook onto Collier Glacier at the North Sister. The return hike from the North Sister was quite drenching and this time there were no dry spots to socialize in upon our return to camp. Most folks headed for their tents to wait out the rain. Some of us hung out in the rain by the PCT, trading stories with dripping "through hikers".. those hardy souls walking from Mexico to Canada.. I don't know about the others, but I certainly felt quite wimpish as these cheery through hikers were coming by with their minimalist 12 lb backpacks, with hardly any clothes on and appearing to be drenched through and through. Brrrrrr!!!!!! It helps to be young and have a good circulatory system! The next day we packed up all our soaked clothing and tents and headed out, enjoying a day hike at lower elevations, well away from the showers occurring up near the peaks again.

Members: Lipton, Becky, Baldwin, Mari, Bryan, Keiko, Tracer, Sam. Nonmembers: Skarda, Joan.

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