Scio Covered Bridges

Thursday, June 20, 2013
Leader: Richard Hughes
Bike: 48 miles, 1563 ft (Difficult)

I'm not a gambler, but if I were, I would not have bet on all those that had signed-up to show-up for the ride, ahead of time. After all, it was raining in Eugene and although the ride was in Scio, about 60 miles to the north, it's still in the Valley. With rain clouds in-tow, we began the ride and after only a short few miles were received a cleanse from the heavens. At about half-way two riders decided that hot coffee and a pastry felt better than a wet ride, even though the rain had stopped. The remainder of the group stopped for lunch at the Hoffman Bridge and recorded citings of two deer, two snakes and a red tail hawk. Before reaching the next bridge we noticed a "Road Closed" sign, but figured it didn't apply to us, hey we're on bikes. Before long we were confronted with a road completely rototilled and an equipment operator in full swing. I motioned to the group to turn around, which would have resulted in an extra 22 miles. Without hesitation, Lana approached the operator and with sign language, asked if we could pass on the turned-up asphalt. After shutting down the equipment, he motioned for us to pass. Lesson for the day: Signs are for those that don't ask.

Members: Hughes, Richard, Lindstrom, Lana, Hoeg, Kathy, Terry, Judy, Strahon, Guy, Hoeg, Stewart, Esch, Patricia. Nonmembers: Lee, Mike.

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