Goodman Cr to Eagles Rest

Sunday, June 30, 2013
Leader: Judy Terry
Hike: 13.4 miles, 2100 ft (Difficult)

Hot,Hot,Hot with high humidity, but we were in the shade so that was good. Nine of us, who were loaded up with water, made it from Hwy. 58, at the new and very improved Goodman/ Hardesty trailhead, up to the Eagles Rest for the view. Many in the group sighted four small snakes up on a rock sunning themselves. I missed it because I was busy up front doing the "I almost stepped on a snake" dance. On the way back we stopped briefly at the little waterfall and swimming hole. It was a very well matched group of hikers. Thanks to all who participated. 95 degrees upon returning to the cars.

Members: Judy Terry, Guy Strahon, May Fogg, Holger Krentz, Lana Lindstrom, Jennifer Haynes, Marianne Camp. Nonmembers: Nicole Mitchell, Katie Geiser.

Nicole, Jennifer, Guy, Katie, Judy, Lana, May & Marianne—photo by Holger Krentz
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