Siuslaw Falls

Friday, August 2, 2013
Leader: Patricia Esch
Bike: 24 miles, 200 ft (Moderate)

Nine riders exchanged names and said their favorite vegetable. Broccoli won 6 to 3! Way to go. The weather started out cool and partly cloudy, so we rode to keep warm, which was negated by creating our own breeze. It got warmer as the amount of sunshine increased. Stopping at the BLM tree farm (the driveway was too steep to invite us up), I told the story of how there used to be wild horses on the property, but they were banned because they ate drivers' windshield wipers. Bummer. Hay Bales Farm was the next point of interest (they sell at the Farmers' Market), the rest was mostly forest and stream and regrowing clear cuts. Blessedly, there was little traffic, but some of that was logging trucks. Scary. Siuslaw Falls was pretty, but the spot I'd picked for lunch with a view was missing it's picnic table, so we were reduced to sitting on a log with little or no view. We lost one rider on the way back due to a blown tire, but he was rescued by another after we returned to our cars. The highlight of the ride was the visit to Lorane store and ice cream.

Members: Patricia Esch, Kathy Hoeg, Lana Lindstrom, Barbara Aten, Don Kindt, Joe Sanders, Eric Swegles. Nonmembers: Branden Johnson, Don Orton.

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