Ribbon Trail/Hendricks Park

Sunday, February 24, 2013
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Hike: 5 miles, 250 ft (Easy)

Surprise! It was sunny and warm for our hike on the Ribbon Trail to the trails in Hendricks Park. Twenty-four of us left the lodge at 11:00 am, and returned at 1:00 pm for the Bus Rally. Our thanks to the Bus Committee, who provided great refreshments and shared the highlights of their upcoming bus trips. Concessions was open for business. It was a lively way for activities of three committees to connect members and guests.

Members: Janet Jacobsen, Darko Sojak, Roberta Chord, Autumn Estes, Chyanne Estes, Trenton Estes, Mark Hougardy, Christiane Hougardy, Anna Hougardy, Clara Emlen, Holger Krentz, Jane Allen, Tom Woxell, John Jacobsen, Dick Hildreth. Nonmembers: Carolyn Sojak, May Fogg, Sandra Kwak, Karen Fenton, Maria Gerspacher, Jake (Gail) Bradshaw, Hope Crandall, Roger Galka, Tim Bradshaw.

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