Trinity Alps

Monday–Saturday, July 8–13, 2013
Leader: Lana Lindstrom

Camp was fun, not too hot, with cool nights, tasty food, and excellent companionship! And the hiking was good too! The two most popular hikes were Stuart Fork, followed by Granite Lake. Stuart Fork was a pleasant walk along a burbling creek through the woods with a few glimpses of granite peaks. Granite Lake was a steady, 2,100' gain through various eco-systems - forest, a huge bog filled with darlington plants, meadows with a wide variety of flowers, culminating in a swimmable lake in a cirque. At less than 5 miles RT hiking, Boulder Lake and Little Boulder Lake were very accessible, beautiful, and many enjoyed swimming in the smaller lake. The Hodges Cabin hike was also mostly along a creek, culminating in a 1900's era homestead, complete with various farm implements and a barn. Hidden Lake was a long drive, but only 2 miles RT and also in a rugged cirque. Other destinations included Tangle Blue Lakes, Stoddard Lake, Trail Gulch lakes, Big Bear Lake, and Dorlesca Mine. Thanks very much to all the leaders, and particularly the drivers, many of whom drove on dusty, pot holed roads most days. For more detailed information, see the September, 2013 Bulletin.

Members: Lana Lindstrom, Richard Hughes, Nancy Whitfield, Charles Ashmore, Janet Jacobsen, John Jacobsen, Brenda Kameenui, Marian West, Jennifer Barnes, Lynn Meacham, Helen Martz, Julie Dorland, Bea Fontana, Diane Schechter, Laurie Marshall, Jim Whitfield, Nancy White, Daphne James, Judy Newman, Valerie Metcalfe, Randy Sinnott, Jorry Rolfe, Laurie Funkhouser, Kathy Lindstrom, Judy Terry, Rob Castleberry, Guy Strahon, Daphne Mantis, Kris Wolters, Colleen Milliman, Greg Milliman, May Fogg, Chris Stockdale, Pat Soussan, Mary Livingston, Jacque Davis, Elle Weaver, Rick Ahrens, Barbara Aten, Nola Nelson, Susan Wanser, Sue Wolling, Anne Bonine, Judy Ness, Margaret Essenberg, Richard Essenberg, John Moser, Noy Rathakette. Nonmembers: Tyler West, Steve Olson, Pam Caples.

The Twins!—photo by Diane Schechter
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