Whale Watch Tour Boat

Sunday, March 24, 2013
Leader: Joella Ewing
Water: (Easy)

Beautiful sunny day on the ocean, calm seas, good skipper and great participants. What could be better than that? Oh, and we actually saw whales! At least two spouted and breached. There may have been others blowing that we did not see breach. The two young women, sisters Lindsey and Claire, elected to stand in the bow and get thoroughtly soaked time after time on the fast return trip to the dock. They'd come to the stern laughing, then back to the front for another shower. The drive up and down the coast from Florence to Newport was gorgeous and some people elected to do extra touristy/beachy things on the way home. Let's try it again next year to see if we can get three great weather days in a row.

Members: Joella Ewing, Chris Stockdale, Chris Shuraleff, Roberta Chord, Maria Munoz, Barbara Aten. Nonmembers: Cheryl Belleau, Claire Belleau, Lindsey Belleau.

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