Rosary Lakes

Friday, February 1, 2013
Leader: Steven Johnson
Xski: 7 miles, 750 ft (Moderate)

Eight devoted fans of cross-country skiing decided to take the chance that the previous two days of warm weather had not totally ruined the trail into Rosary Lakes. While the trail going up was a bit on the crusty side, we were rewarded with a pleasant lunch in the brilliant sunshine on lower Rosary Lake. We did however have to endure an aggressive Clark's Nutcraker who thought our lunch belonged to him. He has become very adept at swooping down to grab a bite out of a sandwich. That day's warm weather eventually softened the snow making for a fun 3 mile glide back to the Willamette Pass ski area.

Members: Johnson, Steven, Kameenui, Brenda, Hartman, John. Nonmembers: Johnson, Tamara, Taylor, Jeanine, Gilbert, Linda, Warsop, Crystal, Goldman, Phyllis.

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