Crater Lake

March 26-28, 2010

Crater Lake in the winter is a different and special place. The summer crowds are gone, and the wind-swept, snow-covered rim affords beautiful wintry vistas of the lake and surrounding Cascades. Twenty-seven Obsidians and friends took full advantage of beautiful weather and fresh snow to enjoy a wonderful weekend of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing on March 26–28.

Organized by Beth Kodama with assistance from Sharon Duncan, this popular and successful extended trip was at least the fourth winter visit by the Obsidians to Crater Lake in the past decade. As usual, we stayed at the charming and historic Prospect Hotel, whose hosts, Fred and Karen Wickman, provided delicious buffet breakfasts and dinners on both Friday and Saturday evenings.

Although many of us encountered rain as we drove towards Prospect, once we arrived the day was pleasant enough for short hikes to waterfalls and views of the Rogue River. Scott Hovis even managed to jump the gun by leading a small group for snowshoeing at the lake on Friday. Most of our group enjoyed a spaghetti dinner Friday evening and as we slept, around nine inches of new snow fell up at Crater Lake (Prospect is about 30 miles from Crater Lake rim).

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny but windy day at Crater Lake, and our large group split up into several small groups for snowshoeing and skiing. One group skied along the rim, after which three of the group glided downhill on the Dutton Creek/Annie Springs trail. A group of snowshoers stayed close to the rim, enduring the strong winds blowing from the southwest. Another group retreated from the wind by showshoeing the Hemlock trail in fresh deep snow. Later in the afternoon, many gathered in the Rim Center cafeteria for refreshments.

We returned to our hotel for more refreshments while sitting in the sun, after which we enjoyed another delicious dinner in the hotel’s dining room. Some stayed up for games afterwards, while others called it a night. On Sunday, after another bountiful breakfast, we went our separate ways, some stopping to hike along the Rogue for views of waterfalls.

Many thanks to Beth Kodama and Sharon Duncan for organizing a spectacular trip. It was a congenial and enthusiastic group who thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful weekend.

Participants were members: John Agnew, Mari Baldwin, Anne Bonine, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Pat Esch, Paul Flashenberg, Bea Fontana, Brian Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, Scott Hovis, Daphne James, Beth Kodama, Ken Kodama, Judy Ness, Jack O’Donnell, Pat Soussan, Chris Stockdale, Elie Weaver, Nancy Whitfield, Sue Wolling, Charley Wright and Leslie Wright; and nonmembers: Louis Luchs, Sharon Luchs, Bob Rathmann and Nancy Rathmann.

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