Island Lakes Loop

March 14, 2010

We left Gold Lake SnoPark on a clear Sunday morning and had a fast ski past the lake and up the connector trail to Waldo Road. Several cold storms during the past week had completely covered the sheets of ice and bare ground that were found over much of this area a week ago. It was a great day to be out, and the new snow made for good skiing. We climbed up the Fuji Mtn trail, breaking trail in what started out to be 3–4" of new snow, but was about a foot deep by the time we got to Birthday Lake. The warm weather also made for heavy snow, so the pace wasn’t too fast. Fortunately there were four of us to share the trail breaking. After a lunch break at Birthday Lake, we continued past Verde Lake and to the Island Lakes trail. From there, we skied north past Island Lakes, and out to a viewpoint overlooking Ray Creek canyon, where we enjoyed nice views of Waldo Lake, the Three Sisters, Maiden Peak and points between and beyond. From there, we skied down into the Ray Creek drainage. This is a fairly steep descent, and usually requires traversing down the first part, but the snow was so deep, we were able to ski straight down. It was a fun run, well worth the effort to get to the top. We continued down the Mt. Ray trail to Waldo Road, then skied the road back to Gold Lake and out to the SnoPark. It was a long day, and the deep, wet snow required substantial effort to ski through, but we all enjoyed ourselves, and had a wonderful day on the snow. Participants included Obsidians Chrissy Anderson and Dave Jensen (leader) and nonmembers Paul Murtaugh and Fritzi Grevstad.

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