Hills of SW Eugene

March 13, 2010

After several days of steady rain, we caught a break and did not have a drop of rain on us. The temperature was cool and the wind brisk however, so we set a steady pace from Churchill Plaza into the wooded area. Once in the trees and out of the wind, we warmed up and enjoyed the scenery, the sightings of deer and a flock of very vocal wild turkey. I deviated somewhat from the route taken when I have led this hike in the past, as we ventured off into the Rainwild Prairie, owned by BPA. We enjoyed the views into a valley, the Coast Range, Fern Ridge and the former Hynix Plant. We came back to the creek and followed it as it tumbled down towards Wilshire St. Back on city streets, we walked down Brittany, cutting through the playground at McCornack School, and back to our cars. Enjoying a hike of 4 miles were members Daniele Delaby, Janet Hall, Yuan Hopkins, Ken Rivernider, Barbara Schomaker, Pat Soussan and leader Joanne Ledet.

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