Ridgeline Trail via Bus #73

March 12, 2010

Heavy rain did not stop the four of us from taking Bus #73 to 46th and Willamette where we walked uphill .8 mile to the 52nd Ridgeline trailhead. From there we followed the Ridgeline Trail to Fox Hollow and down the muddy Amazon Headwaters Trail. We were right on time for bus #25 but we opted to walk on the Amazon chip trail to Hideway Bakery for lunch. The challenge on our hike was trying not to step on the hundreds of earthworms crossing the trail. At first, Janet Hall picked up the worms and carried them across for safety. She told us that she was following in Albert Einsteinís footsteps who also ferried earthworms. She shared interesting earthworm facts including that earthworms are seen after large rainstorms because the soil becomes too moist for them to survive. When we werenít watching out for earthworms, we noticed the trilliums and fawn lilies just beginning to bloom and the abundant flowing water of the Amazon.

Hikers were Pat Esch, Janet Hall, Cathy Irwin and Janet Jacobsen, leader.

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