Alton Baker Park/Pre’s Trail

March 6, 2010

The parking lot at Alton Baker was swarming with people and finding a parking spot was a challenge especially when the participants for the Franconia Run gathered and blocked the entrance. Fortunately, with Walt’s assistance, everyone found the gathering point and at 9:10 we left the congestion behind and were on our way along Pre’s Trail. The sun was out and we were blessed with glorious weather.

There were many signs of an early spring; blossoms, green leaves, bird sounds. Fresh from the previous Sunday’s walk some of us shared information on the Kalapuya Talking Stones that we passed.

We digressed from Pre’s Trail just beyond the pond, to the bike path so we could enjoy the river before returning to Pre’s Trail and walking along the canal. By the time we reached the heron rookery just beyond the children’s museum, we’d seen an osprey, cormorants, many geese of course, ducks, a hummingbird and vultures. The highlight however was looking up at the rookery where all four nests were occupied and being able to watch one heron feeding a hungry baby.

Our morning ended with a walk through Hay’s Tree Garden where several trees were in bloom. My thanks to the great group of Obsidians who accompanied me: Myron Cook, Walt Dolliver, Bob Jones, Marshall Kandell, Sandra Larsen, Virginia Prouty, Ken Rivernider, Ginny Reich and Suzanne Steussy.

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