Kalapuya Talking Stones

February 28, 2010

Our three hour walk in the Whilamut Natural Area of Alton Baker Park with Rick Ahrens and David Sonnichsen opened our minds to the historical connections of the Talking Stones with the Kalapuya Indians. Interspersed with the stories about the Kalapuya Indians, Rick identified birds, plants and much more. David, chair of the Government Relationship Subcommittee of Citizens Planning Committee for the Whilamut Natural area, told how the stones and names were selected. There are fifteen talking stones placed at significant landscapes in the Whilamut Natural Area. We discovered the three new stones installed last October.

CAMAFEEMA: ferns on the ground
DUUCU-BA: powerful place
HAL-BA: downstream

David also showed us the Talking Stone [GUDU-KUT: frog] standing in the city maintenance yard waiting to be placed by a pond near the Knickerbocker Bridge after the I-5 Bridge project is completed. Our thanks to Rick and David whose fountain of knowledge shaped our walk into the past.

Hikers were members Rick Ahrens, Andrew Britis, Walt Dolliver, Julie Dorland, Pat Esch, Janet Jacobsen, Colleen Milliman, Greg Milliman, Margaret Prentice, Virginia Prouty, Sally Quigley and Ken Rivernider; and nonmembers Jackie Chama, David Sonnichsen, Jan Wulling, Glenda Yates and Darlene York.

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