Maklaks Trail

February 21, 2010

When I’ve led this combined xc ski and snowshoe trip in the past, there have been approximately the same number of each. Today, I was the only skier, and at times, I wondered if I had made the right decision. Going uphill: “#^$*@, I知 slipping backwards almost as much as I知 going forward. I知 using my arms waaay too much to push myself up. And some of the snowshoers are actually passing me - how could that be???” Going downhill: “I知 going faster than I壇 like. Oh no, here comes a mogul (snowmobile divot); stay light on the feet. Whew, I made it, but I知 picking up speed again. Just think of Lindsey Vonn and go for the gold. You池e almost at the end! #^$@!”

But it was a glorious day; not a cloud in the sky; and we saw an eagle and shared chocolate and gummy bears. Special thanks to Charlie for driving, Suzanne, Judy, and Daphne for squishing into the back seat, and Pat and Judy for “sweeping”. Sharing the day were Obsidians Suzanne Steussy, Judy Ness, Daphne James, Sue Meyers, Walt Dolliver, Pat Esch, Charlie Thomas, Darko Sojak, and leader Lana Lindstrom.

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