Gold Lake

February 20, 2010

We met at 7:45 a.m, made introductions, collected fees, and were on our way by 8 a.m. We arrived at Gold Lake Sno-park and Patrol Cabin at 10 a.m and checked in with the volunteer. He said it was a perfect day for snowshoeing, not a lot of people out and no X-country Skiers, too icy. We crossed Highway 58 which is a very dangerous crossing to the Gold Lake Shelter trail. We shoed up and reached the shelter in less than one hour. Five guys had set up camp at the shelter the night before. They were friendly, had a fire blasting, but a bit smelly and crowded inside. We cleared snow off a bench outside, ate lunch, took pictures and enjoyed the sun, birds, and great conversation. Before starting back, I slipped at the door of the pottie causing a small cut on my pinky finger. In an instant each person in the group whipped out their seldom used first aid kit and came to my aid. Fortunately, we had our own resident ER nurse who was able to patch me up in no time. Good to know so many first aid kits were available. We returned via upper and lower Marilyn Lakes. What a sight. The sun was bright and the lake frozen with a thin coat of snow on top, just beautiful. I could imagine a cable drawn across the lake to hold on to, snowshoes that convert to ice skates, then just scoot across, (hmmm snowshoes that convert to ice skates — what an idea). After a brief rest, and more pictures taken, we started back; uphill all the way (hardest part of the trip). In about an hour we were at our cars, did a head count and returned home. We stopped in Oakridge for some comfort food (hamburger, fries, onion rings) and arrived safely in Eugene, and checked off another WONDERFUL DATE WITH NATURE. Members: Charles Durham Lead, Dralyn Van Ness, Non Members: Jason Toluba, Sarah Walden, Ron Tinsley, Janice Suratt.

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