Rosary Lakes

February 13, 2010

This has been a ski season of expecting the worst, and hoping to be surprised. That strategy worked for the Rosary Lakes trip. Thanks to balmy weather and a forecast of possible rain, only three skiers showed up for this trip. But after an easy drive up to Willamette Pass (well, easy for the driver. The two tall passengers riding in a Toyota Corolla with skis in their ears might have found it more difficult), we started up the trail on a few inches of fresh snow. While we would have enjoyed more snow underfoot, we were glad there wasn’t more snow to feed the bombs that occasionally fell off the branches overhead. After lunch at Middle Rosary Lake, looking up at Pulpit Rock, we headed down. With soft, relatively slow snow, the descent wasn’t too exciting, but at least it wasn’t the frightening bobsled run that it can be. All in all, it made for a surprisingly not bad day of skiing—and we were back in Eugene by 3 p.m.!

Skiers were: Ed Lizewski, Charlie Van Deusen and Sue Wolling, leader.

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