Maxwell Shelter

February 7, 2010

We left Eugene on a foggy Sunday morning. It has been a warm winter and it was a little disconcerting driving past Clear Lake and not seeing any snow on the ground. Maxwell Butte Snow Park is at 3600 feet elevation and although there was enough packed snow on the trail for snowshoeing, we did find patches of bare ground in several sections. We took the most direct route up 600 feet to the shelter, a large structure with accommodations for overnight campers. It was beautiful on the butte, with the sun breaking through in spots, but not clear enough for the great views of the Cascades that Maxwell Butte is noted for. Everyone was in good spirits and we had made good time, so we all decided to take a loop trail back. As the afternoon passed, the sun emerged form the clouds. Joining the hike were members Keiko Bryan, Paul Flashenberg, Daphne James, Diane Pergamit, Suzanne Steussy and non-member Fran Rosenthal

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