Redtop Mountain

February 7, 2010

We drove in two Toyotas from SEHS to the Crescent Lake sno-park in only 90 minutes or so. We were on the trail by 10 a.m. and found this to be one of the better days in a poor year for snow in the Cascades. The Redtop Mtn. tour is becoming more popular; there was at least one party ahead of us including some snowboarders or splitboarders. One of our party turned around before the summit, but the other eight were on top by 1 p.m., in a cloudy flurry. Three of us took a telemark route down toward Pretty Lake. Others retraced the ascent route. Perhaps a foot of powder; it was marvelous! The most difficult part of this trip is actually near the bottom where a narrow trail descends through dense trees. Our group was well prepared, however, with skins and wide, edged skis. See you again next year!

Skiers were members: Chrissy Anderson, Brian Hamilton, Dave Jensen, Gordon Sayre (leader), Randy Sinnott, Harold Thompson and Sue Wolling; and nonmembers: Steve Goins and Dave Reuter.

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