Maiden Peak

February 7, 2010

This trip was delayed a day due to poor weather conditions on Saturday. The rescheduled trip conflicted with observance of the Superbowl which meant that we had the trip and trail all to ourselves for most of the day.

We started out at Gold Lake SnoPark and followed the Gold Lake Road to the trailhead of the Maiden Peak Trail. We followed the trail all the way to the top of Maiden Peak. After crossing the PCT we began to break trail through deeper and deeper powder. In some sections we sunk down up to a foot. We all alternated breaking trail up Maiden Peak with Rob doing more than his share, which was greatly appreciated.

At about the west ridge we went off trail and crossed up to the summit. Our entire trip to the top the sky was cloudy.

As we stood on the summit enjoying the occasional views through cloud breaks a cloud break aligned with the sun to illuminate the summit and us. We stood enjoying the sun’s warmth before heading back.

The descent along the trail we’d broken earlier was much easier than the ascent. We didn’t see anyone or sign of anyone until we got back to Gold Lake Road.

Participants: Elle Weaver (member); Robert Beal (non-member); and Matthew Bell (leader).

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