JoAnn & Lorin Lakes

January 31, 2010

Eight of us left Gold Lake SnoPark on a sunny Sunday morning headed for the JoAnn and Lorin Lakes. This lake basin, nestled below the ridge containing Island Lakes, is not visited much in the winter, though it is a very worthy destination. After a quick ski past Gold Lake, and up to Waldo Road, we ascended the Fuji Mountain trail to the JoAnn Lake turnoff. The snow started out somewhat thin, but improved as we gained elevation. From the junction, we dropped down to JoAnn Lake, then headed over to Lorin Lake, enjoying the fluffy snow along the way. We had a leisurely lunch at Lorin Lake while enjoying the sun on a balmy January day. After lunch, we returned via the same route we took up, though at a much greater speed. The skiers included Obsidians Chrissy Anderson, Sam Miller, Lubos Hubata-Vacek, Harold Thompson and Dave Jensen (leader), and non-members Sandy Healy, Paul Murtaugh and Brian Watson.

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