Midnight Lake

January 16, 2010

This snowshoe trip was originally scheduled for 1/9/2010 but was rescheduled to 1/16 to avoid the rain. For the most part the trip did avoid winter rain but we definitely felt some mist/drizzle.

The four snowshoers arrived at the Gold Lake Sno Park and got ready to head out. We started on trail at about 8 following the forest road to the trail junction for Westview Shelter. (The snow level at the measuring station was only about 20 inches.) We passed by the Westview Shelter without stopping as some overnight shelter patrons were just beginning to rise. We followed the trail to Odell Overlook on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and were blessed with some misty views of Odell Lake. The overlook had very little snow. We then followed the PCT south to Midnight Lake. Sections of the PCT to the wilderness boundary were icy and nearly barren. As we began to climb higher and around the ridge we were blessed with about an inch of fresh snow that even showed that a fox had used the trail overnight. By Midnight Lake the breeze had picked up and snow started to fall. We stopped beneath a clump of trees for a snack and took a few pictures.

After our break we headed back down the PCT and took the Bechel Shelter connecting trail. By the time we reached the forest road it had started to drizzle. We stopped to assess the amount of snow on the shelter and it was minimal, most of the roof shingles were visible. We followed the forest road back to the Gold Lake Sno Park. By the time, 11:00, we arrived the drizzle had stopped.

Participants: members Elle Weaver and Daphne James; non-member Kenny Marcus; Matthew Bell (leader).

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