Dorris Ranch

January 16, 2010

Over muddy trails and under gray skies, but remarkably rain-free, we enjoyed the greatest little walk in Springfield. Gray squirrels raced and scrub jays squawked, as Obsidians got re-acquainted and met new friends. Thanks to Ken Rivernider who filled us in on Dorris Ranch history. Several of us had a discussion about where the Coast Fork joins the Middle Fork of the Willamette River. My google map shows two entry points; a Springfield Parks employee stated there are usually two, but can be multiple entry points along the southern boundary of Dorris Ranch, because the two forks flow side-by-side for about a half-mile along the park’s southern boundary. For sure, we saw a lot of water flowing by and some old channels filling up. We also discussed “Filbert” vs. “Hazelnut”. Wikipedia says they’re the same nut, and the origin of “filbert” is probably St. Filbert’s Day, which occurs about the time the nuts ripen in late August. Thanks to all who traveled to Springfield to join the walk, especially the three non-members: Pat Brechtbil, Joey Curtin and Bob Schmeltz. I can think of nothing better to do on a dark January day than to take a walk with the Obsidians. Thanks also to my Obsidian friends: Sam Tracer, Jim Pierce, Sarah Praskievicz, Mayron Cook, Walt Dolliver, Lou Maenz, Joan Abel, Bonnie Richman, Ken Rivernider, Margaret Prentice and Clara Emlen.

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