Rosary Lakes

January 3, 2010

Being the first ski trip of the season for many of us, this was like a shake-down cruise. At the beginning of the trail, one of skiers decided to stay at the downhill ski area to become better acquainted with new gear. Shortly after starting out, we ran into what looked like a three foot wide bobsled track that would be our trail for the next two miles. It wasn’t icy, but it was hard-packed and challenging enough that some of our skiers decided it would be easier to walk to Lower Rosary Lake & back. They barely left any footprints on the trail! The track improved as we gained elevation and neared the lake. We stopped for lunch at the lake and two skiers took the opportunity to venture on to North Rosary Lake, returning to meet the rest of us before starting our return trip. The hard-packed snow softened a little during the day so that our glide down was pleasant, but still very fast. With varying levels of experience and ability, our group became strung out on the trail, but hand-held radios helped us keep tabs on everyone. A bonus for us was that the mostly-cloudy sky held off dumping rain on us until we were back in our cars and heading home. Our total time was four hours on the trail and four hours on the highway. Thanks to Chris, Peggy, and Randy for helping out with driving. Skiers were Wil Peron, Pam McClure, and Obsidians Charlie Van Deusen, Chris Stockdale, Ed Lizewsky, Mary Hamilton, Randy Sinnott, Mari Baldwin, Peggy Windle, Carol Petty, & Brian Hamilton (leader).

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