Hills of SW Eugene

October 31, 2010

After a week of heavy rain and fog the chance of nice weather for our walk through the hills of SW Eugene was not looking good. But luck was with us and when we met at 9:30 a.m. the temperature was pleasant and the skies were fairly clear. As we walked up Warren and into the treed area the skies clouded slightly but we were still able to have some good views when we got to the high point of our walk. A great debate followed over what the larger buildings were that we were seeing on the valley floor, but there was no consensus. I resolved to bring my binoculars with me the next time I walked to that vista point. No debating the wildlife as we all enjoyed spotting the wild turkey and deer. The heavy rains did fill the creek and we enjoyed listening to the water rush downhill as we walked beside the creek. As we walked through the moist areas Darko spotted many varieties of mushrooms and picked a few beauties for a luncheon snack. The hikers all felt the elevation gain was much more than the 400 ft. I listed on the signup sheet, but we all did it and felt a great sense of accomplishment. Members included: Darko Sojak, Yuan Hopkins, Roberta Chord, Walt Dolliver, John Moser and nonmember, Carolyn Sojak. Leader: Joanne Ledet.

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