Mid-Willamette Valley Bike Loop

October 3, 2010

On Sunday, October 3rd, twenty-three of us gathered in Brownsville for a bike ride through the farmlands of the Mid-Willamette Valley to honor our friend and hiking companion, Sharon Ritchie, who passed away on September 18th of head injuries sustained in a bicycling accident. We dubbed it the “First Annual Sharon Ritchie Coordinated Commemorative Bike Ride.” Because Sharon’s biking outfits were always color coordinated, everyone was asked to wear at least one article of clothing which matched their bikes. Walt Davis and Art Sather won the grand prizes (the admiration of all their fellow cyclists). Walt was dressed in red from head to toe to match his Co-Motion and Art was dressed in solid black to match his recumbent Easy Rider. In addition to all of us being nattily dressed, Darlene Mancuso brought brightly colored strips of tulle which we attached to our helmets and bike bags and bikes. We were a festive parade of color as we biked past the brown fields of mown hay. Toward the end of the ride, we stopped at Thompson’s Mills State Park for cider, pumpkin and zucchini breads and home-made chocolate cookies to toast and remember friends old and new, past and present.

Members: Bill Aspegren, Barbara Bruns, Walt Davis, Pat Esch, Paul Garrick, Lyn Gilman-Garrick (leader), Richard Hughes, George Jobanek, Lana Lindstrom, Darlene Mancuso, Joyce Sanders, Art Sather, Guy Strahon, Judy Terry and Peggy Windle. Nonmembers: Dennis Carey, Curtis Erickson, Paula Erickson, Ruthy Kangy, Chris Laurion, Lewis Luchs, Frank Reimer and John Wellwood.

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