Malheur & Steens Mountain

September 27-30, 2010

Because I think my trip reports are often a little dull and repetitive, I asked everyone to write one line about the trip on a napkin while were having dinner the last night at the Diamond Hotel. They could write anything they wanted; it didn’t have to be favorable, must memorable. Here are their thoughts. Thanks everyone!

We stopped at the historic Riddle Ranch for a half hour visit and ended up staying a couple of hours. Very interesting history about three bachelor brothers who lived there over 100 years ago with their 40 cats.

The Buena Vista Overlook of Highway 205 on the west side of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge... wildlife and marshes with the sagebrush slopes of the Steens in the distance.

Quaking aspens in full, glorious autumn colors. What a sign!

We camped at Paige Springs Campground just outside Frenchglen and were awakened just before dawn by the hoots of one, but two, great horned owls, and heard the music of coyotes at first light. I couldn’t imagine a better way to be awakened in the Steens.

When we looked over the east rim of Steens Mountain and a mile down to the Alvord Desert, it was spectacular. I had a similar emotion too when I looked into the Grand Canyon.

Camaraderie of friends old and new.

Vast geological formations and endless distances…so beautiful and breathtaking.

Stars galore, gorgeous moonrise, dramatic Milky Way.

Touring BLMs wild horse corrals outside of Burns with Patty, the horse management specialist. Looking for wild horses on the South Steens Loop Road.

Sitting on the back porch of the Diamond Hotel, watching the sunset behind the cottonwoods, relaxing with a cold glass of beer, reminiscing about the trip and waiting to be called to dinner.

Participants were Wendy Dame, Don Doerr, Pat Esch, Lyn Gilman-Garrick (leader), Helen Martz, Doug McCarty, Effie Neth, Joyce Sanders, Guy Strahon, Judy Terry and Martha Welches.

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