Fall Creek

September 26, 2010

The trip started with a roar—the roar of drag boat races. We were scheduled to park in the lot on the north side of the reservoir in Lowell, but this was not to be. Week-end long drag boat races were taking place leaving the lot full to overflowing with campers and race fans. As a result, we were forced to park on the street. Thankfully, after the first half mile we were far enough from the water to be able to hear ourselves think. Also on the plus side was the weather. After an unusually wet early September, Indian summer had arrived in western Oregon. Skies were sunny and the weather was warm. We rode up Big Fall Creek Road on the north side of the reservoir with very little traffic and beautiful scenery. Our lunch spot was Puma Campground which had a second noisy surprise. A half dozen men were there cutting firewood—often with chainsaws. Fortunately, their lunch break mostly coincided with ours and they even gave one of us a bottle of gatorade. The ride back was equally tranquil and beautiful with the roar of the drag boats signaling the approach to our cars. Four of us finished off the day with a hard-earned stop at the Dairy Queen in Pleasant Hill.

Riders were members Stewart Hoeg (leader), Richard Hughes, George Jobanek and Darlene Mancuso and nonmember Ruthy Kanagy.

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