Fuji Moutain-Upper Island Loop

September 25, 2010

This was a glorious hike experienced by Jan and Rich Anselmo, Dick Hildreth, Chris Stockdale, Sarah Praskicvicz and Lyndell Wilken. Perfectly clear skies and in the 70s. Our first stop was at Birthday Lake which was bathed in sunshine with a tinge of fall color on the fringes of the lake. Fuji Mt. was the lunch destination and the views of the Sisters and Waldo Lake were all one could hope for. We could have stayed on top for hours taking in the surroundings but the 16 mile trek beckoned us onward to Upper Island Lake. Our efforts of doing a longer hike were rewarded by the presence of an eagle swooping across the lake. We proceeded through large trees and open forest along the South Waldo Trail where we found two Cy Bingham tree blazes from 1905. The final part of our journey took us through Pot Hole Meadow which was full of late afternoon sunshine. Everyone completed this fall hike feeling blessed by all that we had seen.

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