Walterville Canal

September 12, 2010

Eighteen walkers showed up for this short, flat, urban walk on a Sunday afternoon. Hiked around the lake then crossed the road and hiked along the canal. The trip was cut short by popular vote as the weather was very hot and the canal is not shaded. About two miles were cut from the walk. We stopped at the first road crossover where there is an osprey nest on a pole support. We didn’t see the osprey, just a turkey vulture circling high in the sky. Lots of ducks and geese were on the lake, and the apple trees were loaded with some good looking and tasting apples.

Hikers were members Jane Allen, Anne Bonine, Clara Emlen, Joanne Ledet, Lou Maenz (leader), Barb Revere and Pat Soussan; and nonmembers Barbara Aten, Jolyn Fabiano, Linda Harris, Hazel Jones, Jerry Jones, Liz Jones, Debbie McDonell, Donna Samson, Pam Tennant, Jolie Wagoner and Shelley Watson.

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