Get Acquainted Hike-Ribbon Trail

September 4, 2010

The cars rolled in for the Saturday morning Get Acquainted hike. Fortunately, Rick Ahrens, Jim and Sharon Duncan, Lyn Gilman-Garrick, Brian and Mary Hamilton, Margaret Prentice, and Bonnie Richman were there to help greet 34 visitors for a total of 43 people. Most of the folks have lived in the area for some time and always wanted to connect with our group. Recently arrived from New Zealand, Ray Ward hoped to sign up for some challenging hikes. One gentleman from Carlsbad Caverns was visiting in Eugene for a week while his daughter attended camp. He commented that everyone was so friendly. While at the lodge, Lyn made a plug for the ExploraTalk, Jim described his upcoming hike, and Rick highlighted his potluck program. It appeared that everyone wanted to stay longer at the lodge. On the way back to Hendricks park, we answered the big question: How do you get to the lodge if you are driving?

Guests were Lynn Ash, Slyvia Beltran, Kathleen Caprario-Ulrich, Flo DeLaney, Ann Dunn, Peggy Funkhouser, Martha Greaney, Tim Griffin, Nancy Hanseri, Denise Hinz, Penny Hoge, Bonnie Hoskinson-Wiebe, Sandy Itzkowitz, Sarah Kerr-Daly, Don Kindt, Don Klinghammer, Sarah Klinghammer, Elizabeth Koch, Maureen Laughlin, Kent Loobey, Bill Mallonee, Linda Martin, Vic Martin, Alan Meyer, Nancy Meyer, Mary Morrison, Jeanne Palzinski, Frank Patten, Connie Pierce, Nancy Rathmann, Jana Rygas, Ray Ward, Jim Whitfield and Ellen Wiebe. Janet Jacobsen, leader.

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