Shasta Loops/Blackberries

August 31, 2010

Instead of rain, we had great hiking weather... cool, partly sunny. A few deer graced our walk down North Shasta Loop and up South Shasta Loop. As always, the neighborhoods and architecture spurred lots of conversation. The blackberries were in their prime and although everyone pretty much snagged their limits, we left a million or so for others (or for independent return trips).

Rebecca Hale and Mickey Baden, who are new to Eugene (from Cincinnati), were on their first of what hopefully will become many Obsidian hikes. Lauren Bruyere had already qualified for club membership and just needed to remember to mail in her application. Members on the annual blackberry quest were Dick Hildreth, Sachiko Iwasaki, Diane Jeffcott, Marshall Kandell, Sandra Larsen, Margaret Prentice and Ken Rivernider.

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