Mt. Bailey

August 28, 2010

We gathered at the Diamond Lake Resort at 8 a.m. under overcast skies with the hope that the showers predicted for the day would be fleeting if not avoided altogether, but it was not to be. Conditions were cold, comfortable and dry as we left the trailhead, but by the time we were mounting the east ridge a couple hours later on the way to the summit, the ceiling began to drop and a light spitting rain started. By the time we reached 7500 ft. level and breaking out of the sparse timber the wind was blowing, the snow flying and the two climbers ahead of our group were heading down after bailing out short of the summit. We persevered, but not for long as the higher we went the lower the visibility and the more miserable the conditions became. Realizing that with any luck at all, Mt. Bailey would be there to climb again on a more reasonable day, we gave up about 500 ft. below the summit near the crater on the south side. Janet and I stayed at Diamond Lake Resort that evening when about sunset the clouds cleared briefly from Mt. Bailey to reveal a freshly snowcapped peak.

Hikers were members Brad Bennett, Rob Castleberry, Janet Jacobsen, John Jacobsen (leader), Daphne James and Chris Stockdale; and nonmember Jane Engert.

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