Mt. Pisgah Sunset/Moonrise

August 24, 2010

Standing on the Mt. Pisgah summit at 7:50 p.m., we were just in time to see the silvery white moon rising in the west while the sun was beginning to set at 8:02 in the east. The dramatic red hues of sunset began to lose color as the full moon began to shine. It was a warm night making it easy for us to hang around on top and enjoy planet and star gazing. It was an impressive solar panorama “produced” just for Susan and Jim’s first time on Pisgah. Serenaded by crickets (or katydids?), the full moon beamed our way down the trail. At 9:12 we spotted the Space Station speeding across the sky above the moon. My directions for the meeting place on the sign up sheet were confusing so thanks to nonmembers, Rickard McGainnes and Jim Koretz, who figured it out. Members: Rick Ahrens, Janet and John Jacobsen, and Susan Sanazaro.

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