PCT Big Lake to McKenzie Pass

August 15, 2010

Eighteen signed up but only eleven showed (to their credit, all 7 no-shows called to cancel — thank you!). Since this was a one-way hike with key-pass, it took a while to figure out groups and car-pooling. By 6:45 a.m. we were on our way up the road, then on the trail at 9:45 — six starting from Big Lake heading South, five starting from McKenzie Trail heading North.

We met near the half-way point, in the burn (from a 2007 forest fire I heard), had lunch together, exchanged keys and continued on, each group completing the 13-mile hike about 4:45. During the hike we encountered four PCT travelers including two who had started at the Mexican border and were on the last 1/3 of their journey (which would end at the Canadian border), and an 80-year old Korean lady who was hiking “just” the Oregon segment, with full pack (Bob Welch wrote about her in his column).

This is a spectacular hike with varied scenery, great views of Mt. Washington, the Sisters, the Belknaps, not to mention beautiful forests and meadows. Stay tuned — we’ll do this again next year. Hikers were: non-Obsidians Mary Henzie, Ross Conforth, Brian Stent & Charles Fisher; and members Mike & Patti McNutt, Sachiko Iwasaki, Ernst Schwintzer, Julianna Cichy, Cecile Blumm (co-leader) and Buzz Blumm (leader).

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