Williams Lake

August 15, 2010

Richard Hildreth was substituted as leader when Joanne Ledet was called to the midwest regarding an illness in the family a few days before the trip. Brad Bennett and his wife Sallie had hiked the trip in June and thus Brad was very familiar with the route. The weather was sunny and warm and there were bugs biting here and there along the route but no oppressive swarms of them. We started around the loop with the Erma Bell lakes and met a handful of hikers going the other way but saw no one else at any of the lakes the entire day. The highlight for several of us was a swim in Williams Lake where we spent an hour for lunch. The meadows between Williams Lake and Otter Lake still had many blooming flowers. The biggest mystery is the junction below Williams Lake where a sign points off to “Judy Lake” but there was no Judy Lake shown on Brad’s Three Sisters Wilderness Map. Special thanks to Brad for helping with trail navigation and to Judy Ness who was our other driver along with the leader.

Hikers were members Brad Bennett, Pat Esch, Richard Hildreth (leader), Lynn Meacham, Nola Nelson, Judy Ness and Richard Sundt; and nonmembers Barbara Aten and Millie Schwandt.

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