Larison Creek

August 11, 2010

On a perfect August morning, four of us met at South Eugene High School. We piled into my Honda Accord and headed for Oakridge. At the DQ in town we met up with our fifth hiker, and drove two cars to the trailhead.

We started along a shore of Hills Creek Reservoir and contoured along the eerily empty Larison Cove. We hiked through a cool mossy forest along the creek, climbed for a bit, then returned to the somewhat subdued creek at a log crossing. After a brief lunch we hiked out the way we came.

In places the trail was rough, thus we had two or three minor falls and an even more minor ankle tweak. One of the hikers chose to wait along the trail rather than go the whole distance. Everyone emerged unscathed, though, except for a couple of scraped knees.

We saw slugs, butterflies, lizards, wildflowers, awesome stands of timber. We were startled by a couple of fighter jets streaking overhead for some unknown purpose.

We celebrated our success by stopping once again at the Oakridge DQ, this time for cool treats on a warm summer afternoon. Participants on this hike were members Don Colgan, Dick Hildreth, and Rod Wood; and nonmembers Norma Bengint and Tori Lentfer.

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